Choosing the Right Dog Training Collar For Agility Training

Dog training collar for agility training

Beginning agility training is an ideal way to exercise and bond with your dog while having fun together. But it’s essential that you’re aware of any associated risks, from slipping on equipment to repetitive motion injuries; so the right training collar for agility training is a necessity for keeping both parties safe.

An E-collar is an electronic collar that uses auditory and haptic signals to activate an electric stimulus (static or vibratory) when activated. They come in various forms including remote or hand operated devices; bark or noise-activated control collars; containment systems often known as invisible fencing (3). (3)

Some people use electronic collars (e-collars) to train their dogs for behaviors they struggle with, such as recall and chasing problems or barking. Unfortunately, using an e-collar may not be appropriate in these instances as punishment can create fearful associations in your pup – making him reluctant to perform the desired behavior on cue in future, even when no longer feeling fearful.

Other training methods may prove more successful when used alongside agility classes. Such techniques involve positive reinforcement and encouraging your dog to focus on its handler, thus encouraging him/her to listen and respond more reliably when given commands, while simultaneously building their confidence around other dogs – crucial elements of both agility training and socialization in general.