Train your tiny bundle of joy with shock collar for small dogs

Even small dogs can be quite a handful if they refuse to heed to your commands or if they turn aggressive and instead of allowing a small problem to turn into a big one, you should train your tiny bundle of joy with shock collar for small dogs. These electronic collars emit harmless shocks that can be adjusted and even eliminated once your tiny-but-energetic bundle learns to listen and obey your commands.

Shock collars or electronic remote collars are used to not only train large dogs, but also train small as well as medium dogs. These e-collars are made up of a transmitter unit that looks just like a walkie-talkie and will need to be held in your hands. The receiver unit is fitted on to your dog’s flexible rubber collar or nylon training collar and has two small probes made out metal that are always in contact with your dog’s neck. These probes send out electrical stimulation in the form of mild to high intensity shocks that are harmless to the health of your dog but help in curbing undesirable behavior instantly while also encouraging positive behavior within your small dog provided you follow all the necessary training instructions.

As compared to choke collars, prong collars, or martingale collars, these shock collars for small dogs offer to train your dog in a humane manner since they do not constrict your dog’s neck when he or she tries to pull away from you. The best part is that you need not use a leash at all to train your small dog since the transmitter usually has a range of between half a mile and a mile depending on the chosen model. Your transmitter will normally sport an adjustment knob that will allow you to adjust the intensity of the shock in the form of 6 or 10 different settings while also allowing you to send continuous or intermittent stimulation to your dog depending on the type of training that you are currently providing for your dog. You should ensure that the entire e-collar including the transmitter and receiver are waterproof and feature long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

The internet can offer you a chance to browse through a large range of shock collars for small dogs. You can compare rates, features, warranties, and shipping charges before you finally make an informed decision on the type of shock collar that would be suitable for your small dog. Two brands that make excellent training collars for small dogs as well as offer hunting dog training collars are dogtra and sportdog. You can visit select websites to check their complete collection of e-collars before you place an order and receive the collar right at your own home. You need not visit pet stores that might only show you a limited range of remote collars that might not even be suitable for small dogs. After a few days of training using these remote electronic collars, your dog might not even require any stimulation at all if you follow the right training methods.

Your small dog too has the capability of creating large problems by barking incessantly, disobeying your commands, or becoming aggressive if you are not able to train him or her. Instead of opting for traditional training methods and equipment that might be cruel to your small dog, you can adopt the latest in technology to train your tiny bundle of joy with shock collar for small dogs.