Stop your small dog from causing big problems with a small dog training collar

Although small dogs might look innocent and cuddly, they can still turn into unmanageable little terrors if you do not train them well, and you can certainly stop your small dog from causing big problems with a small dog training collar. There are various types of small dog collars available in actual and online pet stores although the new electronic training collars do offer you a chance to train your dog remotely within a very short time.

Your small dog might get away with a lot of mischief simply by looking at you with those cute little eyes, but if keep on overlooking those small problems then over time you will truly have a tough time in controlling your tiny terror. Small dogs need training just as medium or large dogs and if you have assumed that there are no training collars available for small dogs then you should look closely at your computer screen. There are several online stores offering a wide range of e-collars or electronic training collars that are completely suitable for small dogs and you should compare features and prices before you click on your chosen high-tech collar that can truly train your small dog in a very short time.

Traditional training collars such as the choke training collar or a prong training collar, among others are not suitable to be used as a small dog training collar. Your small dog’s delicate neck could be severely injured by such training collars and he or she might be traumatized if you do not use such collars in a proper manner. On the other hand, you can easily adopt the latest in technology to train your small dog even without an attached leash. You should opt for an e-collar or remote training collar as it is also known to train your small dog in a humane manner. These collars can quickly discourage negative behavior while also imparting positive behavior within your dog with the help of electrical stimulation or even vibrations or audio beeps, depending on the model that you choose for your dog.

An electronic small dog training collar consists of a receiver mounted on a flexible plastic or nylon training collar. You will need to train your dog with a matching transmitter in your hand that could have a range of half a mile to one mile depending on the model that you choose. Your transmitter would also have a rotary knob to set the intensity and frequency of the electrical stimulation that could be in the form of continuous, constant bursts, or intermittent bursts, again depending on the type of training that you wish to impart to your dog as well as the chosen model. Your small dog will get a clear message about acceptable and unacceptable behavior quickly once you start using this training collar and could accept all your commands within a few days without the need to use any further stimulation. You will soon be rewarded with an obedient pet that will realize quickly and in a painless way that you are indeed the boss.

If you want to browse through reputed brands that provide such training collars over the internet then you should certainly look at dogtra training collars and sportdog training collars that have a wide range of training collars to cater to all your small dog-training needs. A quick decision on the right type of small dog training collar will surely stop your small dog from causing big problems in the coming days.