Dog Training Collar For Off-Leash Training

Dog training collar for offleash training

Just as parents teach their children the value of wearing seat belts, dog owners should ensure that their dogs wear collars and ID tags each and every time they go outside. Just one time could lead a dog into the woods where it could get lost or into an auto accident where a collar would have helped reduce injuries. Recall commands may keep dogs safe at dog parks if scuffles break out between fellow canines; and help keep sight during off-leash hikes.

Start training your dog for off-leash recall by first teaching him or her to heel. Hold a treat in your hand while giving the Heel command, and reward when your pup heels correctly. As your pup walks with you, start applying small pressure on the leash; gradually increase that amount as well as apply training collars as your training progresses.

Next, teach the dog to come when called by getting down on its level and saying, “Come,” while gently pulling on the leash. Use an e-collar with a continuous button so it activates at the same time when you say the command; practice this on vibration and low stimulation levels until your pup associates stimulation with COME commands. Eventually you can gradually reduce stimulation levels until he or she knows their commands; once your pup understands these cues you can gradually decrease long line usage in favor of off leash training within safe, enclosed spaces.