How to Use a Dog Training Collar For Hunting Dogs

Dog training collars designed specifically to aid hunting dogs are electronic collars designed to maximize performance on the field. They can help reinforce obedience commands, curb excessive barking and more – many even boast GPS or other tracking technologies to keep an eye on your hunting companion!

Before using an electronic collar to train hunting dogs, make sure your pup knows all basic obedience commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” Introducing an electronic collar gradually is important in getting him acquainted with it; start by placing it near him before gradually transitioning it onto his neck. Once comfortable with his new environment, gradually increase stimulation levels until you see any reactions like head tilts or twitches from him; stop stimulation when they do and lavish praise upon him as soon as he responds – repeat this process several times so your pup will quickly familiarize himself with both vibration and stimulation before moving onto other commands that require obedience or commands!

Scent drags or scent-soaked items placed on the ground will familiarize your dog with game scent, an important step toward successful hunting. Once familiarized, use an e-collar to promote his response by rewarding appropriate responses with stimulation.